Amr Yosry

Amr Yosry

Program Supervisor, Licenced Commercial Pilot, Ground School Instructor, Rockwell Collins

Amr Yosry is a Licensed Commercial Pilot, Junior Mechanical Engineer in Aerospace and Ground School Instructor based in Montreal, QC.

As a Rockwell Collins Program Supervisor by day, Amr manages Bombardier Business Aircrafts Certification and Airworthiness projects. He oversees interesting projects involving modifications on new and in-service business aircrafts. By evening, he teaches ground courses such as the Private Pilot License Course at Stratos Aviation.

Since the age of 10, Amr had demonstrated great passion for aviation. He joined Air Scouts in 2001 where he participated in many scouting and aviation activities. By the age of 14, he self-trained himself flying through the use of home flight simulators, reading and networking with professional pilots. Upon his move to Canada, he has held many part and full time internship roles to fund his education and flight training. In 2016, he graduated from Concordia University in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering as well as completing his Commercial Pilot Training.

Passionate about promoting careers in aviation, Amr has volunteered in many events organized by Wings Magazine, Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA), Air cadets and other non-profit organizations. His young and energetic personality benefits him greatly in motivating others to pursue careers in aviation whether in the cockpit or on the ground! In his spare time, Amr enjoys highland drumming, flying recreationally, doing sports and reading.

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