Kate Latis & Gray Norman

Kate Latis & Gray Norman

Founders BizAv Young Talent Initiative

In 2015, Kate and Gray graduated together from the University of Western Ontario's Commercial Aviation Management Program. Upon graduation, they said their 'Goodbyes' thinking they would not see each other until their graduation reunion somewhere down the road. Little did they know they would run into each other at the Signature Flight Support FBO in Edmonton, two years later, at a Canadian Business Aviation Association Chapter meeting. In this time, they had both began their careers in Business Aviation and became fascinated with the industry. Ironically, they both ended up in this industry by chance. In university, although they graduated from a program that specialized in aviation, they were never exposed to Business Aviation and the fulfilling careers paths it had to offer.

Looking back at their university experience and the lack of exposure to Business Aviation, they wanted to do something to change that for younger generations. They reached out to another colleague, Donald Wheaton, and the three of them started working on an initiative to attract and retain young talent to this side of the industry. That was the exact moment the BizAv Young Talent Initiative was born! Join Kate and Gray to learn more about the initiative and about Business Aviation – the hidden gem of the aviation industry.

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