Lawrence Hughes

Lawrence Hughes is an accomplished human resources executive with a passion for optimizing organizational performance through people. As Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Lawrence is responsible for fostering a positive workplace culture and ensuring compliance with employment requirements throughout Porter’s growing team across Canada and the United States. He is adept at crafting and implementing effective HR strategies to drive business success.

Prior to his current role, he served as Porter’s Senior Vice President, People and Culture. His effective leadership and extensive experience managing complex HR projects help to build high-performing teams and cultivate talent across the company.

Before joining Porter in 2015, Lawrence owned and managed a Toronto-based HR consulting firm, and held senior HR leadership positions for companies such as Rogers Communications, West 49, and Roots.

Billie Flynn

Billie Flynn is a Senior Experimental Test Pilot (Fellow) and former Combat Commander with unmatched knowledge in advanced technologies in aviation, future fighter aircraft, and global defence topics. As one of the world’s most revered fighter pilots, with more than four decades of experience, Billie recently retired as the Senior F-35 Test Pilot from the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, where he played an instrumental role in the development of F-35 Lightning II program. In January 2023, the Government of Canada finalized a deal to purchase 88 F-35A aircraft that will form the backbone of the Canadian Armed Forces for the next 40-plus years.

Prior to becoming a test pilot, Flynn spent 23 years with the Royal Canadian Air Force. He was the first Canadian pipeliner pilot to be selected to fly RCAF’s newly acquired fourth-generation CF-18 Hornet, which he would then primarily operate out of Cold Lake, Alberta, and Baden-Soellingen, Germany, as well from Aviano Air Base in Italy during combat. Before retiring from the RCAF in 1999 as Lieutenant Colonel, Billie served as Commanding Officer of 441 Tactical Fighter Squadron and Commanding Officer of the Canadian Task Force Aviano during Operation Allied Force. He flew 25 combat missions over Kosovo and Former Republic of Yugoslavia. His combat unit received Battle Honours from Queen Elizabeth II, the first such distinction for a Canadian fighting unit since World War II. His military flying experience includes fighter and test pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force, German Air Force, United States Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and NASA.

Flynn serves as a Global Strategic Advisor and Consultant in advanced aviation technologies and strategies, including his expertise in fifth generation and future fighter aircraft. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University Fresno, a Master of Science degree in Aviation Systems from the University of Tennessee and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Ottawa. Flynn attended the United States Naval Test Pilot School, graduating as an Experimental Test Pilot.