Jeff Gariepy

Jeff has more than 30 years in the aviation industry with extensive 703 (Air Taxi) and 704 (Commuter) flight operations experience as both a frontline flight crew member, and as a senior manager.

Jeff’s managerial experience includes: Director of Flight Operations (Operations Manager), Fixed Wing flight operations at Ornge Global Air; Chief Pilot of the Corporate Charter division of Air Georgian; Manager of Training and Standards for Ornge Global Air and Air Georgian; and Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) at Linvic Flight Training Center (Lake Simcoe Regional Airport).

Operational experience includes flight instruction, cargo, airline, corporate charter, and air ambulance, as a flight crew member (Captain) both domestically and internationally.

Jeff was recruited by Ornge as the Manager of Training and Standards in September of 2011, to develop and coordinate the fixed wing training syllabus while managing the training personnel for the PC12NG. In April 2012 he was appointed to the position of Interim Director of Flight Operations. In September 2012 he was promoted to his current role as the Director of Flight Operations.