Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is the owner and operator of Anderson Aviation Services Inc. at the Centralia, ON airport. Tim began his aviation career at the age of 18, earning his private pilot’s license in London, ON, and working for General Airspray, an aerial application company based in nearby Lucan ON. From there, Tim enrolled in Canadore College’s Aircraft Maintenance Technician program. Upon graduation, he moved to Yellowknife to work for Buffalo Airways.

Following his time at Buffalo, Tim worked for various operators expanding his experience. This included Hicks & Lawrence (Now MAG Aerospace Canada), Supermarine Aircraft, and Sander Geophysics (SGL). Tim’s work at SGL gave him the opportunity to travel internationally to work in Greenland, Europe, and the high arctic.

During this time, Tim earned his M1/M2 AME license as well as his Commercial Pilots license with float endorsement and group 1 instrument rating. Tim contracted with Enterprise Air working on the Basler DC-3T aircraft, taking him to Canadian Forces Station Alert, the North Pole, and various other northern locations. He transitioned to Kenn Borek Air Ltd. where he continued work on the DC-3T as well as Twin Otters. His travels continued with Borek where he assumed the role of Base Engineer in Resolute, Nunavut, and completed two tours to Antarctica including two months at the South Pole station.

Following a decade of travel, Tim was ready to move home. In July 2011, Opened Anderson Aviation Services Inc. with his wife Nicole, a fellow AME & pilot, to provide maintenance, consulting, and other services to the general aviation community. In 2013 Tim was selected as one of Wings Magazine’s Top 10 Aviation and Aerospace Professionals Under 40. He has also been a past Captain of the local COPA Flight.

Since 2016 Tim & Nicole have been Professors at the Fanshawe College, Norton Wolf School of Aviation and Aerospace Technology located in London, ON. Tim also serves as the Coordinator of the Aircraft Maintenance program.

In 2018, both Tim and Nicole received the Gordon B. Rayner Award, from the AME Association of Ontario as “Canadians whose career will always remain outstanding as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, a Teacher, or a Public Servant.” Tim and Nicole both enjoy mentoring future aviators and promoting the aviation industry.

When he isn’t working, Tim enjoys being a father and husband, the outdoors, as well as flying around in his Cessna 172 and being part of the aviation community as an all-around avgeek!