Travis Burrows

Travis Burrows, age 34, grew up in a small town and found his way into aviation from a neighbour who was building an airplane in his garage. Burrows took his first flight on that home-built plane down the Red Deer Valley toward the badlands of Drumheller. He now often takes aspiring pilots for discovery flights along the same route in his co-owned 1948 Cessna 170.

Burrows joined WestJet Encore eight years ago as one of the regional airline’s first pilots. At the time, Burrows remembers WestJet Encore had five airplanes and it now has 47 and some 600 pilots, many of which he has been in direct contact with as a Standards Captain, trainer, recruiter and ambassador for Encore, which now runs regional routes across the country and into the U.S.

In addition to being on the WestJet Pilot Selection Team, Burrows is heavily involved in improving Encore’s flight procedures, which recently included a major project to implement RNP approaches to save huge amounts on fuel, among other operational efficiencies, as well as a new flight data monitoring program.

In addition to his current role as Chief Pilot of WestJet Encore, Burrows also serves as a Q400 Training Captain and Check Pilot.